Product presentation Print

We would like to present you a product, whose development from the first thought to the homologation for the batch production lasted about three years.

Our aim was to make a product, which can dulcify travelling to as large group of motorcycle fans as possible. The result is a trailer with the conception corresponding to the present-day requirements taking into account both mechanical design and visage. It was named REBEL. It is intended for any motorcycle whose weight is over 100kg and whose wheel base is at least 1350mm. During its development we took into account both riders-travellers and owners of sport bikes or supermotos. We hope that those of you who buy our REBEL will be content and will enjoy a lot of kilometres of interesting travel.

Our motto says: It is not important on what you ride, it is important what you carry with you.

3D visualisation

Have a look at the 3D visualization of the REBEL trailer.